Cathe Friedrich’s HiiT Fat...


3 HIIT Fat Burner Workouts On 1 DVD – 3 high-intensity Cathe HIIT workouts on one DVD give you three different options for your weight loss program
Get The Afterburn Effect -HiiT gives your body a metabolic boost long after your training session is over burning extra calories and helping you lose weight
Burn Calories Not Muscle – High intensity interval training (also known as HIIT) is a unique exercise method that has increases fat loss while keeping muscle mass intact. This makes HIIT workouts an excellent choice for weight loss
Shorter HIIT Workouts To Fit Your Busy Schedule – Shorter workouts that don’t require all of your time so you can select workouts that fit your time schedule and goals. HIIT contains two 30-minute and one 40 minute high-intensity workout.
High intensity interval training is special for the fact that it grabs your metabolism by the horns and takes it for a wild ride! After your initial training session is over, your metabolism is still revved up and running in high gear, resulting in more calories burned over a 24 hour period (when compared to traditional exercise)

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3 HIIT Fat Burner Exercises On 1 DVD – 3 excessive-depth Cathe HIIT exercises on one DVD offer you three completely different choices to your weight reduction program
Get The Afterburn Impact -HiiT offers your physique a metabolic enhance lengthy after your coaching session is over burning further energy and serving to you reduce weight
Burn Energy Not Muscle – Excessive depth interval coaching (also called HIIT) is a novel train technique that has will increase fats loss whereas maintaining muscle mass intact. This makes HIIT exercises a superb selection for weight reduction
Shorter HIIT Exercises To Match Your Busy Schedule – Shorter exercises that do not require your whole time so you may choose exercises that suit your time schedule and targets. HIIT incorporates two 30-minute and one 40 minute excessive-depth exercise.
Excessive depth interval coaching is particular for the truth that it grabs your metabolism by the horns and takes it for a wild journey! After your preliminary coaching session is over, your metabolism remains to be revved up and working in excessive gear, leading to extra energy burned over a 24 hour interval (when in comparison with conventional train)


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