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ARE YOUR BIGGEST MILESTONES WRITTEN ACROSS YOUR BREASTS Do they say “I recently had a child” or “I just celebrated my thirty-something birthday” or “I’m going through menopause” (1)

Proven in Human Studies and Clinical Trials to Increase Breast Volume by Up to 8.4%

Developed by a leading team of scientists, and subjected to a rigorous program of laboratory and human testing, Volufiline™, is the foundation ingredient of Total Curve Firming Gel.

It has been shown in both clinical trials and human studies to increase the volume of adipose tissue in the breast by up to 8.4%. That’s a noticeable, measurable increase in overall breast volume.

Volufiline® contains sarsasapogenin, which stimulates lipogenesis. That simply means it interacts with the fatty tissue in the breast, causing the fat cells to grow in quantity and volume for fuller, firmer-looking breasts.

Total Curve Firming Gel has been formulated with an ideal 3% concentration of Volufiline for maximum results, as long as you continue using the Firming Gel.

The overall size and fullness of your breasts are impacted by the presence and ongoing shift of hormones like estrogen.

The foundation of the Total Curve System is a Daily Supplement that contains a series of natural, safe phytoestrogens. They naturally mimic the action of estrogen to further firm and lift your breast tissues.

We’ve formulated the Total Curve Daily Supplement to contain a variety of herbals, nutrients, antioxidants, and hormone balancers. They naturally promote overall breast health while reducing the symptoms of PMS, menopause, diminished sex drive, vaginal dryness, and much more.


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