November 2022


Although her ex husband, continues to be a public spectacle, Kim has continued to work and do the best she can. Apparently, she has mastered the art of looking comfortable, while being uncomfortable. This takes discipline to do. Discipline is a choice; again, Kim chose work.


Our goal is to help make your holiday shopping experience more than just pleasurable; we want you to say, “WOW” or “look at what I found for only $$$.”


Success is possible to all. Some have mistakenly considered that only the wealthy and well-connected could have it. Although this might be partially true, it’s not the whole truth. You can play to win; life never said you couldn’t. Life is a mystery. On that much, we can all agree. In essence, life has a lot of unexpected turns. In either case, could it be that those twists and turns of life are turning out in your favor?