Are Men Attracted To Or Fearful Of Confident Women 1

Are Men Attracted To Or Fearful Of Confident Women? 

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Blog Title: Are Men Attracted To Or Fearful Of Confident Women?
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Are Men Attracted To Or Fearful Of Confident Women? 

The look of a women who's in charge.

Are men attracted to or fearful of confident women? This is our fork in the road that must be answered, or at the very least discussed. I believe most men are easily intimidated by attractive, accomplished women. However, my personal beliefs are not facts. In this article, we will look at science, data, and facts to find out the truth.

When it comes to dating, men prefer women who are comfortable in their own skin. Confident women have the ability to communicate with people on an emotional level. Furthermore, they aren’t afraid to show their true selves. However, as much as men love confident women, they also fear them. Basically, because they think they don’t measure up. As a result, the fear of rejection keeps most men from approaching confident women. Rejection is a painful experience. No one enjoys feeling like a failure, especially men.

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Confident Women Are Attractive

Are men intimidating by beautiful, intelligent women?

Attractive women can be very intimidating to not only men, but to other women as well.

Confident women fear men may not know how to respond if they open their hearts up. Her goal is not to put him in an awkward position. Some women fear he may leave because he feels uncomfortable. Moreover, she doesn’t want to make him feel stupid, or worse, threatened. Confident women understand that most men need to feel as if they’re strong. Besides, many men are uncomfortable with sharing their inner feelings.

I must confess, I wish I was wrong about men. However, according to the study done by Sage Journal publications, men were more attracted to confident women. Until they discovered the women scored higher on the intelligence test than they did. Upon that discovery, those same men no longer found those women attractive.

This topic is worth talking about because it presents an ongoing debate. Are men intimidated by confident women?

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Confident Women Understands Men’s Fear

 Successful women attract some men and intimidate others.

Confident women understand men’s hesitance and fears when it comes to asking them for a date. Most of the time, confident women are open-minded and have good communication skills. At the same time, many attractive, confident women find themselves alone.

It’s hard to find someone compatible. All things considered, what’s the likelihood that a confident woman will meet a confident man? Although, it is possible, it is rare. Most men feel threatened by confident women, while many are frighten. A confident woman understands that our society has a lot to do with some of the hesitancy in men. In fairness, confident women sometime gives mix signals. Perhaps, because they are not always certain about what we want at all time.

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Confident Women Communicate Better

 Men are attractive to women who can express themselves.

Open communication is essential in any relationship, whether it’s with your family, friends, or your partner. Good communication is the key to any relationship. Open honesty with your partner is healthy. Understanding each other’s needs is important as well. Relationships are built on trust and good communication. Communication opens the door for a lot of beautiful and wonderful things to grow. Most confident women are self-assured, which is why they tend to speak unintimidated by others.

Confident Women Take Care Of Both, Body And Mind

 intelligent women. understand that physical attraction is important as well.

It has been proven that our physical appearance is related to how we feel about ourselves overall. In other words, outward appearance is important just like education. Therefore, they constantly do things to improve themselves. After all, it would be inconsistent for a confident woman to have a brilliant mind but neglect her body. Obviously, it’s important to take care of both your mind and body. Spiritual positive energy is the foundation of life and all that it may bring.

Are Women Afraid to Ask For What They Want?

Are Men Attracted To Or Fearful Of Confident Women? Sometimes yes, and sometimes no.

Some women know what they want. Those who do, make plans to get where they want to be. Knowing how to ask for what you want, be it a raise or leaving a bad relationship, it’s all part of the plan. Strong women realize they don’t need approval or permission to be assertive. Therefore, go on a date with the guy from the gym or ask him out. This is no one’s business, and an explanation is unnecessary. One of the attractions for strong women is their confidence.


Confident Women Know When To Change

The beauty and confidence of a woman can sometimes be alluring

Did you know that the path to success is covered in failure? It’s true! You can’t succeed if you never try, which means that you’re going to fail. But you can learn from that failure and use it to propel yourself in a new direction. If you’re not where you want to be, don’t be afraid to change course. Take what you’ve learned from the past and use it to propel yourself toward a brighter future.

Confident Women Understands The Importance Of Being Vulnerable

Men are attractive to confident women, while at the same  time intimidated by them.

It’s normal to be scared to show your true self. But the only way to get over that fear is to be vulnerable. Growing accustomed to being vulnerable can be beautiful. Perhaps your lover will fall in love with your flaws. Fulfilling each other’s needs is called understanding. Love is one of those things that makes fools out of us all. However, life is worth living because of love. Confident women understand the importance of being vulnerable. Sadly, it takes most men longer to understand this concept. In time, men will figure it out.

Why Men Should Show Their Weaknesses

One of the things that men fear most is vulnerability. It’s normal to be scared of opening up to someone. But if you can get over that fear, you can create a much stronger connection with your partner. The benefits outweigh the fears. Above all, it will help you communicate better with each other. Seeing your feelings and communicating your feelings is strength, not weakness. Be aware not to over-share, but be honest about what you need from your partner.

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Are Men Attracted To Or Fearful Of Confident Women?  We confirmed what we always thought. Most men are attracted to the very same things they are intimidated by: strength and beauty. Strength is inherently a given, while beauty is more complex with all its nuance. As noted, fear is one of those nuanced contributing factors.

  • Fear of rejection
  • Fear of not measuring up
  • Fear of failure

Women and men on all levels realize that dating is hard work. It’s stressful, time-consuming, and frustrating. It can be overwhelming, even scary. But the best way to handle the situation is to be yourself and be open-minded. Remember, be confident when you approach a man with the right mindset, knowing he’s probably already attracted to you but afraid to show it.

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