The Reasons Why Women Shop

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The Reasons Why Women Shop

women love to look beautiful and sexy
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Why do women shop? Like most things in life, it is equally entertaining and fascinating. Women typically take care of the majority of the household’s needs. In other words, if there are things to have—food, medicine, or whatever—women typically obtain them.

Please allow me to share my personal experience. I’m not sure if any of my kids would have celebrated their birthdays or many other significant events the way they have. I’m not the kind of person who can consistently make things like that happen. However, most women make things like this and more, happens all the time without drawing attention. 

As we explore why women shop, it’s important to understand what a care-giver is. Webster defines a care giver as a person who provides direct care, physical, emotional, and support.

Regardless of whether women enjoy this responsibility, they still carry the majority of the shopping responsibility for the family.

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Why Do Women Shop?

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Obviously, women, like men, shop for various reasons. Some of which have to do with defining and maintaining their image. Of course, women enjoy shopping for shoes, handbags, lingerie, dresses, skin care, hair products, jewelry and more. Besides, why women shop often has to do with their mood. It’s been confirmed by the Journal of Consumer Research that women are influenced by hormones. The study also confirmed that women shop for competitive reasons as much as they do for product selection.

Given these points, I encourage you to read “Women Love Handbags” and “High Heels and Red Lipstick“. These two blogs are filled with reasoning, understanding, and acceptance by most women.

I found it fascinating and interesting why women shop compared to men.  For instance, while men buy products to impress the opposite sex, women often buy items to impress other women.

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Women Shop To Satisfy A Crave

Not only do women love to shop, they also appreciates relaxation after a long day.
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The reason women love to shop is not that complicated. Women love to be adored. Beautiful dresses and great-smelling perfumes are only the beginning. Take a bath in milk and lie on your satin sheets, as Marvin Gaye so beautifully said about women.

However, studies have proven that women are sometimes influenced by their emotions and hormones. According to Professor Karen J. Pine, women display these seven factors: 

  • Women shop more when emotions, both positive and negative, are running high.
  • A significant portion reported that, “they shop to cheer themselves up”, usually providing momentary pleasure but long-term regret.
  • Women felt that negative emotions like depression or feeling a bit low were frequently triggered to go on a spending spree—often going into debt to do it.
  • Women sometimes feel that shopping is “compensatory consumption,” or makes up for a lack of something missing in their lives.
  • Women admitted they sometimes shopped out of boredom or to give themselves something to do.
  • Positive emotions like feeling good can also trigger an urge to shop.
  • Women admitted to going on a spending spree and spending money they didn’t have when treating others (75%) and to impress others (52%) including loved ones.

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