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Looking From The Bottom Up

This image tries to describe how it might feel for someone when they are Looking From The Bottom Up.

The phrase “Looking from the bottom up” refers to anyone who has encountered difficulties in life, which includes all of us. Your mind betrays you in the worst way when you are down there struggling day to day. We frequently become blinded by the light of our thoughts. Our thoughts lead to many broken relationships, failed projects, bad choices, and obviously poor financial decisions. These are merely a handful of instances where things can go wrong when we’re at the bottom and looking upward.

Even William Shakespeare came to the conclusion that “to thine own self be true.”

The truth is that we have all experienced difficulties in this thing we call life. In comparison to our thoughts, there is a second truth that is even more deadly. It’s our ego and pride. I’m convinced that negative thoughts, inflated pride, and irrational ego have not served us well. Ego and pride can be as harmful as nuclear weapons.

Maybe the human race’s quest in life is to dare to live from the bottom up.

Methods to help cope with Depression. Especially when you feel like you're looking from the bottom up.

Looking From The Bottom, Hearing From The Basement

This image depicts fear. From fear, all sorts of voices and negative thoughts. Especially when you're at the bottom looking up.

I sometimes feel so defeated that I’m at a loss for what to do. Yet, I continue to write. Despite having significantly more wealth than I do by American standards, many people look up to and admire me. Life is incredibly strange. Sadness is an uncomfortable feeling. You’re not dead, and questionably alive. No one knows your prison or knows of your silent tears. Suffering like a heart too broken to fall apart.

When you’re looking from the bottom up, a gust of fresh air could be the key you need at that moment. The nights are long, but so are the days especially when you’re at the bottom looking up. 


If in the event, what you are feeling is more serious than just disappointment with life, it could be depression. If so, seek help-instead of living from the bottom.

This bottomless pit has turned into depression. Even though I’m tired, I can’t sleep. My memory fails me, and most of my days are filled with feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. Who or what can save me from this nightmare? Depression is real In fact over twenty-one million Americans suffer from some form of depression. But, no matter how cold and dark you might feel, help is available. Because those symptoms of depression are treatable. 

If you or someone you know is experiencing these symptoms, contact the Mental Health Hotlines. Instead of living looking from the bottom up.

Supplements for depression, can help. Check with your physician.

How Your Thoughts Can Lift You Up

This is a perfect illustration on how your thoughts can lift you up.

It’s safe to say that because our thoughts influence how we feel, they also influence some aspects of our reality. According to experts, the average person has 60,000–80,000 thoughts per day. That is equivalent to 2500–3,300 thoughts per hour on average. The sad truth is that 90% of those thoughts are the same thoughts as the day before.

This is just one of many factors that make it more difficult to get up and move on when you’re down. But it’s not impossible. Your life might not ever change unless you come to consciousness and realize how crucial it is to control your thoughts.

Your life won’t significantly change if you think that your thoughts influence your destiny, which they do. Since the same choices result in the same behavior, that behavior then produces the same experience, which then results in the same emotion. Metacognition refers to the process of becoming aware of how you act and feel.

The good news is that we can now start to climb out of the hole. Because it is less likely for unconscious thoughts to pass us by unnoticed the more conscious we become.

Keep in mind that depression and other negative traits are frequently found in people with low energy or vibration. Therefore, become active, do something, keep moving, and look forward.

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Thinking On A Higher Level

When you are feeling depressed or defeated, get up and move. Yes, move! Get active, and choose mobility. Exercise can improve mood disorders

If you’ve tried everything, it might be time to seek counseling or a life coach. 

It used to be considered taboo to receive therapy for support, but not anymore. America is changing so quickly, and the temptation to live lavishly is always right in front of us. Problems arise from those shiny objects. when we don’t possess what society dictates we ought to.

Don’t delude yourself into believing your compromised thoughts for the sake of Christ, particularly when you’re down there.
Seek meditation and learn to be present at the moment, no matter how uncomfortable it is. It’s critical to learn to accept discomfort so that it doesn’t bother you.

Seeking solutions to get up and move forward is a sign of higher-level thinking.

Here are 9 things to do when you feel defeated:


Looking At Things Differently

This picture demonstrates how higher thinking becomes accessible when we start looking up from the bottom.

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Dr. Wayne Dyer.

Surround yourself with inspiring, upbeat people, speakers like Myron Golden, Jim Rohn, Wayne Dyer, and Les Brown, to name a few.

I can’t emphasize enough how crucial it is to consistently surround yourself and your thoughts with positive thoughts.

If you don’t, your inner self will quickly fall back into its predictable patterns. You need a disrupter to shake you out of the predictable past and bring you back to the present.

Until they are refuted, our thoughts are real and true. You may discover that your perception has been somewhat distorted and is, therefore, not true at all if you take a moment to dig a little deeper into your thoughts and their origin and justification for existing.

“Just as a farmer cultivates his farm, that it may produce a harvest, we must cultivate our thoughts that they may produce our desires.”

Semenax will help you look yp


Words Can Lift You Up

This image adds value to the title, Looking From The Bottom Up

There are numerous opportunities in life every day. These changes could be disguised as drama, peril, thrillers, mysteries, and more. It really doesn’t matter how they are presented, the most important thing is how we respond to them when they do. Some people succumb to their fear and give up. Some people become perplexed, agitated, and depressed before giving up. Higher-consciousness individuals, however, enjoy being amused and entertained. In fact, they eagerly anticipate what will happen next.

Life itself is a gift. awaiting unwrapping. The more we learn about ourselves, the more we come to understand who we really are. Once we reach that rare moment of knowing who we are, closer we are to being the best possible version of ourselves. You hold the key to your own success in every aspect of your life. A rose is beautiful because it is a rose. You are beautiful because you are who you are. The universe has given all of us gifts. Keep unwrapping until you find your treasure.


It's a very thin line between happiness and sadness when you're looking from the bottom up.

There are many different things that can wreak havoc in our lives. It’s never hard to find an excuse. The one constant about excuses is that they never, ever change the situation or your condition. When you’re looking from the bottom up, it is imperative to have a positive mental attitude.

As Dr. Dyer would say so often, “when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

Higher-conscience individuals engage and endure this way of life. Focusing on what’s right and how it can be improved requires the same amount of energy as focusing on what’s wrong.

Everybody experiences bad things occasionally. They frequently occur when least expected. The loss of a loved one, divorce, job loss, discrimination, and other things. Each of those setbacks has a variety of justifications for why it resulted in the situation it did.

The good news is that we are capable of altering whatever is occurring inside of us. When you’re looking up from the bottom, do whatever it takes to move forward by seeking counseling or hiring a life coach.

Last but not least, you can contemplate why this had to happen to you while alone in a room,  Alternately, you could see the challenges or circumstances you face as opportunities. Don’t allow life or others to detour you from your purpose. We were created to be who we are. In this case, be you, do you, and success will manifest itself for you.

Mike Tyson

‘I’ve changed my life around. Anybody can change their life around if they want to. If I did it, anybody can do it. I went through it all cars, women, money, everything, and today I think I’ve come out of it all a better person”. Mike Tyson


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