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Things Women Secretly Love To Do

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The theme image, women enjoying relaxing. "Things Women Secretly Love To Do"
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Things all women love to do

One of the things Women enjoys doing is having the time to take a luxurious bubble bath.

Things women secretly love to do, when given the opportunity,

I was recently approached to write about things that women enjoy doing. Embarrassingly, I wondered aloud, “Do women really want these things?”

Women would love to have some alone time to relax and unwind in a timeless, luxurious bath. The room smells of senueous aroma and perfume while soaking in a tub filled with bubbles. While moisturizing her face, her favorite music softly plays in the background. It’s ideal to be able to embace oneself without being interrupted, spending precious moments in the bathroom can be golden, provided there’s no interruption.

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Watch TV and Eat Without Judgement

Image of a woman relaxing enjoying watching TV. On e of the things women secretly love to dao.

There are times when women secretly love to do is relax, watch old TV shows and movies. Most women secretly yearn for a day of relaxing and indulging in exotic foods and beverages. Nonetheless, most women are rarely given the opportunity to do so.  Someone always seems to have a need or a question. In any case, when women get those breaks, we should allow them to enjoy those rare moments without fear of being judged. We have no problem with men who spend hours upon hours watching football. They also spend additional hours with their friends discussing the game they just watched. All of this can be done by men without being judged. All I’m trying to say is that women are entitled to their own special moments. 

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Acting Silly Listening To Music

Image of a woman clowning singing while cooking, and another relaxing enjoying reading a book. Things women love to do.

Generally, music is something that everyone enjoys from time to time. When it comes to music, women are no different than men. When given the opportunity, many women enjoy turning up the music, acting silly, dancing, and singing alone.

After having had a good time listening to music, relaxing in your favorite chair, or lying across the bed, having a moment to read your favorite books and magazines would be a great way to unwind.

These are things women secretly love to do.

Women Love Going Shopping

Images of women enjoying shopping. Things women love to do.

It’s probably no surprise that most women enjoy shopping. It’s like being a kid in a candy store, having complete freedom to try on shoes and different outfits. A solo trip to the mall could be the key to most women’s hearts.

In this case, I’m not implying that women enjoy spending. I recognize that most women would relish the opportunity to shop without the constraints of children, parents, a husband who is constantly checking his watch, or an easily distracted girlfriend.

A full night’s sleep

Images of a women sleeping after a long day. Things women love to do.
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Women would prefer a full night’s sleep at the end of the day. This simply means that there will be no dog walking, kitchen cleaning, or anyone in need of anything. In a nutshell, quiet and peace.

The mere fact that an article like this is written tells a bigger story. 

In today’s world, both partners are almost certainly employed. In most cases, however, women are still expected to shoulder the brunt of household responsibilities.


We all enjoy some alone time. Women, on the other hand, are rarely afforded the same opportunities. Constant interruption goes unnoticed for the most part, but it does happen. Getting a bite to eat or a glass of something to drink can be difficult on many occasions.

In conclusion, this article serves as a reminder that we can and must do better. Despite the fact that many songs have been written about what women want and need, the reality is unfortunately far from those sweet melodies.

Don’t be perplexed if a woman says no. It’s possible that completing a task alone will be her moment. Similarly, most guys prefer to clean their favorite rides by themselves.

A break is something that everyone appreciates. Time to pause, reflect, and savor the moment. Our experiences of a moment can take many different forms. We could be silly, listen to loud music, watch scary movies, or do whatever we want. I’m suggesting that we make an extra effort to ensure that women are given the chance to embrace a moment in their own unique way.

When all is said and done, most women would welcome the opportunity to do whatever they want. without interruption.

Surprisingly, most men are unaware of the things that women secretly enjoy doing.

Most men may suffer from an excessive amount of self-indulgence, as well as brain failure and blurred vision.

Since this article has highlighted a few things that most women would like to do if they had the time, I’m hoping that as a society, we will be aware of the needs of women.

These are things women secretly love to do.

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